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Derek Mears and Tyler Mane meet Riki Lindhome and Jeff Kendrick

There’s nothing more unifying than horror and music.

Everybody remembers the films that scared or jarred them just as much as they remember the first time they heard their favorite song. Obviously, Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers have a different effect on the psyche than Marvin Gaye and Frank Sinatra do, but the principle is the same. You recall the first time you jumped in a freaky movie, in the same manner you recall the first time you heard “Smells Like Teen Spirit” or Garfunkel & Oates’ “Sex with Ducks” for that matter.

You read that correctly, by the way…

Given the crucial, life-changing elements of terror cinema and tunes, there’s a lot of intriguing crossover. Friday the 13th star Derek Mears, the most badass and rock ‘n’ roll Jason Voorhees yet, cranked Korn and Danzig to get into the mindset of the legendary hockey-masked murderer. Mears is an avid music fan and genuine screen talent, giving Jason the proper gusto to be the ultimate 21st century villain.

Meanwhile, Tyler Mane, history’s most menacing Michael Myers [Rob Zombie’s Halloween & H2], loves his classic rock. Tyler spent years in a pro wrestling ring, and he’s got a presence that made for some unforgettable brutality as Michael Myers. He and Mears both conducted symphonies of blood in their respective turns as these iconic maniacs.

Then there’s Riki Lindhome. She created one of the most evil female killers ever with The Last House on the Left‘s Sadie, and she spent a lot of time with her iPod to get to that murderous place.

Riki’s got a two-pronged assault though because in addition to acting, she’s one-half of Garfunkel & Oates. G&O pen sharply hilarious songs about everything from Precious running for chicken to that expression everyone gets after receiving a crappy Christmas gift. She’s brilliant, beautiful and bludgeoningly awesome on stage or on-screen. Devildriver guitarist Jeff Kendrick can rip with the best of them and his NetFlix is always tuned to horror flicks.

However what happens when these four unique individuals come together?

Well, the conversation deteriorates from Star Wars and rock music to, err, handjobs…

Check out the video of the Rogue on Rogue “Monster Mash” with Derek Mears, Tyler Mane, RIki Lindhome and Jeff Kendrick of Devildriver.

—Rick Florino

Did you dig this “Rogue on Rogue?” Should these four collaborate?

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